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Treating just one vehicle will convince you of the benefits of Xado Revitalizants.

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TUV THURINGEN International Certificate 8141.150.10.103. Tested and Proven to work

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Engine Conditioning

Enhanced performance and a lasting engine is something all car owners would like. Our company provides amazing engine restoration products that literally bring engines back to their original state.

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Diesel Conditioning

Getting your diesel engine to run longer and more efficient would put a smile on your face. Our specially formulated diesel engine conditioner does just that, and provides additional protection against heat and wear.

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Patents & Certifications

All XADO products are available worldwide through authorized dealers and distributors. Testing and product approval are done in the field and supported by independent testing. 

Serving Canada

Our Story

XADO CANADA (DEI), has been providing chemicals and high-performance engine products that help restore and maintain moving parts since 1982. In 2007 after years of research, our company added Xado to our product line. We understand the technology behind XADO products and their ability to restore parts on an even and geometric scale while in operation.

The research behind the products is proven and we truly are the ones to turn to when looking for nanotechnology repair solutions. XADO products are used to improve and extend the life of all types of mechanical devices, engines, transmissions, gear boxes, transfer cases, air compressors and industrial applications.

API Certified I TUV Certified and tested
Contact us "NOW", to request just how  "Xado revitalizants" can restore performance and economy to all your equipment!

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